History of the Champagne Toast

person pouring champagne on champagne flutes
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Someone has grabbed the microphone, trays of champagne start to circle the room, you grab one and then as the toasts begin you laugh, awww, and clink to the happiness of the newly-wed couple. This is a common scene at weddings (and one we very much enjoy) but how did it all get started? Keep reading for a brief history of this bubbly tradition.

The tradition of a toast can be traced all the way back to 6th century Greece. During prayers to the gods for prosperity and good health, wine would be offered as part of the request. But as not to have such things go to waste, would also be consumed by those making the offering.

The term “toast” can be traced to Shakespeare’s work and had a quite literal meaning. When drinking, a piece of stale toast was placed in the wine to improve the flavor by soaking up the acidity. As time went on, these “toasts” became popular in traditional celebrations. While sharing wine, people would offer heartfelt accolades and blessings.

Wine continued to be enjoyed at joyous celebrations throughout history with champagne taking the place of wine during these toasts around the late 19th century. No longer just reserved for parties hosted by the royal court, these champagne toasts continue to be common place in wedding celebrations today.

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